Neil am 26.08.2009 21:32 #3936

Hello. I've finally completed my AI for tool management, and would appreciate any feedback. I've tested the code with jh's AI code, using an older version, so you'll need to copy and paste my code out and ignore the rest  :)

In the header file, there are just a few parts, prototypes for the ManageTools, ManageDistribution methods, and an enum called TOOL_STATE.

In the cpp file, all my new code is at the bottom of the file, namely the above two methods. You will want to run the two methods (in the order of tools first) every now and again, say 1000GF. The distribution method only alters iron right now, but can be expanded for all resources later on if required.

You'll probably want to add a metalworks to the AI's build queue, to see the results.

Here are the files:

~Birne am 27.08.2009 11:49 #3939

Hey, very cool!

(although I do not understand C ;))

Neil am 26.11.2009 20:48 #4155

Well I had never worked on a real project before and was eager to contribute more and I got this working even though I'm not good at C++ so I was very happy but nobody even cared so I became too sad to do any more work for the project. :(

FloSoft am 26.11.2009 21:28 #4156


please use launchpad to upload your code and patch directly. you can easily create your own branch there, so we can merge your changes eventually easily to our main project.


Feel free to post in English!

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