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-When a builder is assigned construction, any materials come from either the headquarters, or a storehouse. All materials have to go to the storehouse or headquarters first, then end up at the site of construction, all while the builder has to wait for them.
The same thing that happens with all the other materials, need to happen here: the materials need to go to the site where they are required. When there's wooden planks being made from the Sawmill and there's stone coming from the Quarry / Granite Mine, any building locations should have the required materials sourced directly from there. The traffic that goes to either a storehouse or a headquarters, should be excess materials not needed for construction sites already connected to the road network. This is an easy fix, as you would treat the construction site, like a "ghost building," that gets the ware that it requires. Once it's constructed and listed as unoccupied, the requirements of the site changes, to the actual building wares.

-Seafaring I'm sure has been mentioned before, but exactly what needs to be changed, may not have been. What happens to the ships, is they either mirror the task that's required for only one ship, transport one of the resources needed at another harbor in bulk, or tend to pass from one harbor to the next, until they get to the correct harbor. Once there is more than a single road path connected to and from each harbor on the same island, the harbor reacts by swapping all its resources to the next nearest harbor. Then the ships start delivering to the wrong locations, and the road network gets too much traffic, and any movement within the network grinds to a halt. Another thing, is the ships don't seem to be able to take more than 6 people. Let's say I send 7 builders to a starting harbor. Now, a harbor on another island, needs 7 builders for 7 construction sites. One ship takes 1 builder, and the other takes 6. But somewhere else, perhaps the ship that's carrying only one builder, is needed elsewhere. This can mean that seafaring requires a lot more ships than the recommended amount (3 or 4), and going above the recommended amount can cause ships to get stuck. Also, if say a Catapult is on one island, and the stone required is on another, an entire ship will only take 1 stone. This means that the Catapult spends more time waiting for stone, which can be crucial in closely fought games. All the things listed need addressing.

-Testing the military options, one option that I don't think is working (or not very well), is the unit strength option. No matter where it is on the dial, if you have generals/officers/sergeants/private first classes unreserved, they will be the first to travel to the unoccupied military building. As far as I'm aware, there are 5 increments of scale: standing for the five classes. But when I put it to the officer's setting, I get generals coming out to occupy the military building...

-One of the most difficult processes to get an equilibrium over, is the inequalities in process in the economy. For example, the actual stock needed for resources is for every 5 pieces of coal, you need 2 iron ore and 1 piece of gold. However, sourcing this in a mining ratio, is impossible because building 5 coal mines for 2 Armories, 2 Iron Smelters and 1 Mint, is a statistical inequality, as the coal that goes to the Iron Smelter goes through 2 processes, not 1 like the Mint and the Armory's supply of coal does. This means that Iron Smelters will always make half as much Iron in the time it takes to get the same amount of coal to the Armory, unless you can micro manage an Iron Smelter being as far away as a coal mine supplying an Armory, is. However, this make the economy a lot slower, in the production of swords and shields, but what it does do, is make sure no coal is wasted. Obviously you can tinker with the priorities from the distribution of goods menu, but what that does is send the excess coal to either the Mint or the Iron Smelter, so the coal still gets wasted. What needs to happen, is the Armory needs a further process to turn the coal into something else, or use the coal to make something the armory needs.
My idea for this, is to have a Coke maker. Coke is needed for the production of steel, and the fires to make coke and charcoal, would need wood and coal. So either the armory needs a supply of Coke and Iron, or there also needs to be limestone or another flux added to the armory: which can be stone from a quarry. All stone from a granite mine can still be used in the production of buildings, but stone from a quarry can be either from limestone or granite deposits: so there would be two types of deposits found. So in order to source some known location where limestone is found, cliffs would have to be added, which make the terrain a lot more dimensionally realistic. I guess you could have a different quarrier of limestone, but scaling cliffs wasn't really a profession in the earlier times when steel was first manufactured.

-Another thing... where are the rivers? The game needs rivers to fish from. To correct this, the amount of fish you get from rivers, should be the amount of relative meat you get from a hunter. So a very small amount, but Fisheries won't be useless for inland maps.

I have more innovative ideas, but for now I've submitted ones I feel make the game more stable and balanced.

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Zitat von MasterandCommander:
the materials need to go to the site where they are required.

I think it works in the original game as you described it: For example you can build a quarry and a catapult and knock down all roads to the catapult and quarry, so that it gets a cycle for it's own. in SII it works, in SII.5 not.


MasterandCommander am 03.10.2009 12:32 #4017

It works for catapults because they require a ware in their production: like the metalworks and the shipwright do for boards. But construction seems to require any materials needed to be either sourced from a storehouse or a headquarters. This is because construction seems to not be seen as production.

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griflet am 03.10.2009 13:56 #4023

I've tested it some weeks ago, maybe it wasn't built in at this time.


OLiver am 04.10.2009 09:59 #4024

FloSofts Coding-Sklave
I thought I fixed this some time ago (also building sites). But you have to mind that boards/stones from quarries and saw mills are only carried to the building sites if there is a lack of boards/stones in the storehouses because otherwise they order their construction material immediately in the storehouses.

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MasterandCommander am 05.10.2009 02:28 #4029

That's the problem: if the excess is ordered from the storehouse, it takes a lot longer than it would take within possible proximity to the site.

Even if there's no builder at the site, the materials still take a lot longer to get to the location than the builder, even if it's not that far away.

It's technically possible to cut that time: making the road networks before you select the buildings, then once all the idle helpers are standing in the middle of each road, THEN select the buildings for construction...

The builder seems to do a lot of waiting around all the time... I'm simply looking to reduce that.

And anyway, all these are minor issues: I don't want to debate about them too much. Everyone gets the same problems, so there's no disadvantage really for any player.

But Limestone deposits, cliffs and rivers (with fish), are the ones I'd prefer more focus on.

Feel free to post in English!

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