Neil am 30.12.2009 21:01 #4429

What has happened to it?

Pechente am 31.12.2009 02:15 #4430

Wegen Urheberrechtsproblemen wird sie überarbeitet ;)

Shen Long am 31.12.2009 10:51 #4431

My Version:
Because of Copyright issues is the Website in editing.
Because of the logos.

Google Translator:
Due to copyright issues, they will be revised

The Google Translator is better ^^

mfg Shen Long
Tuxer mit Leib und Seele
"Linux will nicht die Weltherrschaft, aber schön wärs schon." Linus Torvalds
PS: Sorry for my bad English

Editiert von Shen Long am 31.12.2009 10:53

Pechente am 31.12.2009 13:00 #4432

Sorry it was late yesterday, I don't know why I answered in german :D

Feel free to post in English!

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