Artex am 21.04.2010 18:34 #5224

Sorry for message in english language, I will try to write as obvious as its possible.

Few days ago I downloaded Settlers II.5 from your site (download section), its .exe file, when i tried to unpack it
screams about Runtime Library x86 (Lauftzeit bibliotheik ?). When i try to instal it, the error appears: "install.res.?
???.dll" (some crazy .dll missing?). I used 7-zip to force un-packing, and i installed settlers using .msi instaler
(without any problems).

Now, when i launch settlers 2.5, I click new lobby game, and then register (after typing nickname, password, e-mail
etc.) game return a message "Waiting for reply"... I was waiting one minute, two, three, fiftheen, no change. Maybe
reason of this fact is my "forced instalation"?

Thank you in advance for help.

PS. Hmm... One more thing. Is there any english site about Siedlers II.5 (or Polish :) )? I was trying to find it
because i don't know "deutsch" very well... but i didn't find it.

Shen Long am 21.04.2010 21:31 #5225

It is okay when you write it in English.

You dont have to register in the game, because the lobby use the same Database as this Board, so if you register at this Board, your Game-Account will be the same with the same Username and Password (and E-Mail Address, but this is not required to login in the game).

That can't be an PRoblem of your "force installation", because the Installation Routine doesn't install any registry-entrys. Also you can use the easier way through the .tar.bz2 (other sort of .zip, like .rar) packages. (unpack it with WinRAR or 7-zip).
Then you have to copy your original Settlers 2 Gold Edition Installation to the same directory as your Settlers 2.5 - Return to the Roots.
But you have to hold the S2.5 "start.bat", because when you start it you can update the Game on every start, without the rapidshare time of wait.

I hope i have helped you =)

So Long
Shen Long ^^

mfg Shen Long
Tuxer mit Leib und Seele
"Linux will nicht die Weltherrschaft, aber schön wärs schon." Linus Torvalds
PS: Sorry for my bad English

FloSoft am 21.04.2010 22:05 #5226

I think you have downloaded the "stable" 0.6 version. you should use the current "unstable" nightly version to play.
With 0.6, the lobby wont work anymore. The next stable 0.7 version will be released soon. (the nightly is currently quiet stable)


Feel free to post in English!

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