RM87 am 01.09.2010 14:37 #5839

Wikipedia has no article about RTTR (neither any links to RTTR). Maybe someone(a good writer) who has some excess time to write that article and add links to existing Settlers articles?

Stef am 01.09.2010 19:21 #5841

We have tried to create a lemma on the German Wikipedia. But it has been deprecated as to less relevant.

With 0.7 we will try to place the game in several magazines and websites so that we can meet the criteria.

The English Wikipedia is not that strict afaik. So maybe someone with a good english could try to create this a lemma.

~Nukular am 02.09.2010 14:27 #5845


do you know the settlers-clone widelands?
"Mit Widelands existiert zudem ein eigenständiges Open-Source-Projekt, welches von Die Siedler II inspiriert ist."

at least they managed to add one sentence plus a link to their website to the german settlers article...

~Nukular am 02.09.2010 14:47 #5847

ok, there is a sentence about rttr. link would be nice though...

Spike am 02.09.2010 15:53 #5851

Im Ruhestand
hehe yes, we know widelands but if you know that project too, you maybe have the same opinion like the most players here - it feels very diffrent.
So this project here is not inspired by the settlers two, it trys to give you the same feeling when you play, the same atmosphere etc ;)


FloSoft am 02.09.2010 17:51 #5859

perhaps we should try to add an odd page like widelands has, perhaps they accept that -.-


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