~HDGamingReplays am 29.01.2011 08:11 #6750

Just wanted to let you guys know, I did a little "Let's Play" of The Settlers 2 using RTTR. Link is here: .

As soon as the AI stops crashing the game every time I play, I might do a full commentated game ;).

NastX am 29.01.2011 10:06 #6751

- I am Nastytrouble from YouTube. -

Absolutely cool that you made this video man.

If you want to know what your buildings are doing just press s and c (-; As in the original game.
The AI is just a bunch of heuristics and so it just build "random" military buildings. So you see such big buildings that haven't been filled with more soldiers. This applies to the catapults to. The burning buildings were a part of freeing space of not working buildings, they weren't needed anymore. But yes KI crashes were annoying - if this is the real cause. If you have some programming experience, you could help us OR we really would appreciate more videos that may be attracting some more programmers (players would although be enough). xD

If you come into our chat you may find some players. The actual user-base is unknown,
but we wave around 1000 or more registered Lobby Players and we are happy about anyone who plays with us.
After my exams I will care for translated pages (-;

The map Wagenrad was build by me and you meet your enemies in the middle of the map. Its just one of my deathmatch maps.


No german Translation^^
Or just on request.

>> Du programmierst doch auch Perl, wie wärs denn mit einem
>> Verbesserungsvorschlag (kürzer, speicherschonender, gleiche
>> Funktionalität, ...)?

Kein Perl.

Editiert von NastX am 29.01.2011 10:12

~HDGamingReplays am 29.01.2011 11:21 #6752

I'm surprised there are that many players! I'll make sure to check that out.

Yeah I'm a C#/C++ programmer but right now I have a bit too much on my hands to contribute on this. I've added an
annotation to the video to let people know this is open-source and in C++ so hopefully it'll attract some
programmers as well.

SilSie am 30.01.2011 15:11 #6754

There are already a few s2.5 vidoes provided by Zahl (and me) ;)
just search for it on youtube...

Spike am 31.01.2011 11:44 #6763

Im Ruhestand
Yes, i like your video too :)
And own maps are aviable yes (if I didn't understood you wrong :D)


Feel free to post in English!

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