~Gast am 02.03.2011 20:06 #6885

Hello, I really don't know what is the problem, but please this site is still quite small, so translate it to english! You would be surprised how many more fans you will get!
Also there should be an english section in the forum. That would be great.

I have a few questions:
- Is there any way to change game speed during game? V key does nothing
- How can I start music? The controls in music menu do nothing
Thank you

Schimpanse am 02.03.2011 22:08 #6887

Zitat von Gast:

- How can I start music? The controls in music menu do nothing
Thank you

Music will be available after running the update (rttr.bat on Windows). It will download the original (great) music!

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Spike am 02.03.2011 22:53 #6889

Im Ruhestand
NO, the "V" key does not work. You have to save and load the game to change the speed. (I think this is caused by multiplayer)

And an english section would be nice yes but out site dev is not really aviable :(


NastX am 03.03.2011 00:10 #6890

Stef is working on the english Page. I think most terms have been translated or are translateable but not all, so
flosoft dont want it to be released.

>> Du programmierst doch auch Perl, wie wärs denn mit einem
>> Verbesserungsvorschlag (kürzer, speicherschonender, gleiche
>> Funktionalität, ...)?

Kein Perl.

Stef am 03.03.2011 18:46 #6897

Most parts of the page have been translated by now.

I think we can launch the english page this springtime.

Stef am 17.03.2011 13:16 #6960

As you can see the first english parts are only now.
It chooses english or german depending on your browser settings.
You can always switch back of course!

Furthermore there are now boardcodes to declare an english version of the post.
[eng]english text[/eng]
Show english version
english text

On the german website there is a togglebutton. On the english website it is shown automatically.

The remaining parts will be translated little by little.