Merri am 17.08.2011 20:59 #7948

This was found by Parasit:

The only shot we have of that building. I ended up drawing a similar building.


Use freely in RttR if you feel like it.

Settlers admin

Spike am 17.08.2011 21:56 #7949

Im Ruhestand
I like that one, great work, have u used the original pal5.bbm or the pal5.act? :D


Merri am 18.08.2011 06:54 #7955

Yes, only slightly modified, shouldn't have effect on regular buildings.

My own modified palette has each color different in the palette so I can convert image to full color and back without losing original palette index information.

Settlers admin

Spike am 18.08.2011 12:07 #7956

Im Ruhestand
ah, very cool, and as I saw, you only changed the "real" fortress right? therefore we can use shadows etc from the other one :)
Now I would just like to have a .bmp file xD


Merri am 18.08.2011 12:24 #7958

Download IrfanView, makes conversions like that very easy. The PNG already has everything you need, correct palette etc.

It is just a Fortress manipulated, because the original building looks just like that! However I don't know if the X, Y, Width & Height are in the size the game stores them as the source graphic wasn't directly from the game.

Too bad it doesn't support uncompressed PBM variant of LBM (only compressed ILBM variant), if it did it would make very easy to convert textures from LBM to PNG and vice versa :)

I'll probably do some further edits, there are some details that catch my eye.

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 18.08.2011 12:27

Merri am 18.08.2011 16:42 #7965

Version 3:

If anyone can point any mistakes I'll see if I can fix them :)

Settlers admin

Merri am 18.08.2011 16:45 #7966

Remove, delete, erase.

Add protection against accidental double posting.

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 18.08.2011 16:46

littlefox am 18.08.2011 16:49 #7967

Hello :)

I found a little detail which is missing in your version.

In the "original" picture the fortress has an wodden door, in your version there is only the "frame" for that door.

But I have to say: awesome work :)


Merri am 18.08.2011 16:57 #7968


I've noticed the door, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea: regular Fortress has a steel gate, and I think it might work better than a door :)

Settlers admin

littlefox am 18.08.2011 17:06 #7969

oh, that's true!
a gate is more stable than a door -> door is better in a fortress :)

Btw.: which settlers version is shown at that screenshot?

Editiert von littlefox am 18.08.2011 17:07

Merri am 18.08.2011 17:08 #7970

As far as I can tell the first screenshot is from a development version of original Die Siedler 2.

Settlers admin

littlefox am 18.08.2011 17:15 #7971

ah, thank you :)

Feel free to post in English!

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