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Download new Europe

This is an unfinished Europe map for someone to complete. I constructed most of it in Paint Shop Pro 7 and hex editor, and as I didn't have the same source for height/altitude map and the water/land map the coasts aren't aligned perfectly. So that means adjusting the land & water areas all over the map. Also areas such as Netherlands & Denmark need a careful retouch as they are now on the same level with the sea.

I may continue this project myself as well, but probably not very soon.

Hopefully this is useful for someone! :)

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Spike am 21.08.2011 13:59 #8003

Im Ruhestand
looks really cool, you could ask someone called "mapeditor" he would maybe finish this thankfully, I am trying to go on with my worldmap at the moment too but well, time xD

anyway, really cool


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