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Im Ruhestand
Progress: testing

Dies ist die aktuelle Version des Lagerhauses
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this is the current version of the store house

Dies ist die alte Version des Lagerhauses
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this is the old version of the store house


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down23 am 22.08.2011 01:44 #8073

Sehr imposant. Wenn das allerdings mit den meisten anderen Gebäuden vergleiche könnte der Winkel der Türe ruhig noch etwas weiter nach rechts liegen. Evtl. ist es aber auch nur eine sinnestäuschung.

Merri am 15.09.2012 13:32 #10570

I was already replying to down23 when I noticed this forum software incorrectly labels the last post time to the last edit of any post... I thought down23's message was for me and not for the original building :D

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Spike am 15.09.2012 14:44 #10571

Im Ruhestand
I had the same problem :D really confuses me^^


Parasit am 16.09.2012 01:55 #10584

hmm i dont like the shape, but the wall-style is better, except the blue points on the roof edges, they dont fit to the babylonian style of the other buildings, i think :S

maybe a roof canvas like some other big buildings (dont know the excact word for this roof type, i hope you understand) on the higher part of the storehouse

or make it a littlebit smaller on some parts, the ground plan looks to quadratic -> same problem at the old style

nice idea with the garage on the left side ;)
(but make the wall a little thicker there, looks like a wall of paper)

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Spike am 24.11.2012 13:57 #10841

Im Ruhestand
Parasit, do you have an other version of the storehouse?


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