matthewbe am 08.10.2011 16:13 #8699


1) Auto-safe by default as long as the game is not stable, too many crashes.

2) When I create a game, I'm not just waiting there in the lobby until players come as there are only
a little number of players. I would have to wait for hours!! The problem is that when players enter
the lobby, realize I'm not there as I'm not answering them and leave. However, I'm not afk but I just
do other stuff instead...
It would be nice if an alert (sound) can trigger when someone enters the game lobby.
Or have an Auto-message written by the host of the game once a member joins the game, like:
"Hi, if I'm not here you can find me on freenode channel #siedlier2.5 nick: matthewbe"

3) I've seen the Facebook page of Return to the Roots.
I was thinking that a group should also be added, so that we can see the members, and thus find

4) In the forums it would be nice to have a section where people exchange their contact information.
It should be able to delete afterwards.

5) Another suggestion, is to have a small list of things that have been added in English with brief
explanation; I think about the Collect button, the charburner, the different options added, etc.

6) Bug: Impossible to post in forums when language is in English, I had to switch to german for the
buttons to appear to publish the post.

Pechente am 08.10.2011 17:05 #8700

1) Autosaves are annoying in MP, it's good they're turned off by default.

2, 3) Good ideas

4) You can add contact information to your profile

Spike am 08.10.2011 18:08 #8701

Im Ruhestand
1) i agree,that default off is better

2) good idea or connect irc to Lobby Chat

3) we had that but i needed to delete it

5) charburner is explained in the addon menu

6) Bugs are Not reported in the Forum,you Need to Report on launchpad


FloSoft am 10.10.2011 15:10 #8715

3) the facebook group still exist:

only the duplicated sites were removed

to 6)

I have set the language to english at the moment, I can post without problems :/
what kind of locale do you have exactly? and what kind of browser do you use?


Editiert von FloSoft am 10.10.2011 15:13

Feel free to post in English!

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