Spooky am 20.01.2012 22:39 #9239

Kann mir jemand die Optionen für "Ändert das Verhalten der Verteidiger" erklären? Ich werde aus der In-Game Beschreibung nicht schlau :)

Spike am 21.01.2012 01:50 #9240

Im Ruhestand
If you dont change anything, it is like it is normally.
If you set "changes forbidden" you wont see the bar which is normally used to set the amount of defenders (3rd bar)
If you set reduce reouccupying troops:

If you set 100% soldiers as defenders (8/9 in a fortress) this fortress will recive endless reinforcements during the fight.
max defenders during fight:endless
If you maybe set 50% soldiers as defenders (5/9) you will get 5 soldiers back if they die.
max defenders during fight:14
And if you dont use any defenders (0/9) you will get no reinforcements.
max defenders during fight:9

Means, that you ma get reinforcements if you set defenders but it's not that hard to capture a building or/and recapture. This makes the game more dynamic.


Spooky am 21.01.2012 10:11 #9241

Hm.. no I still do not understand. Does it mean, that the reinforcements are going to the military building right away, even if the defenders have not died yet?

Spike am 21.01.2012 12:28 #9250

Im Ruhestand
No, means, if you attack with lets say 13 soldiers.

enemy has 100% defenders => 8 run out to defend, 1 stays. now there are (13-8) 5 soldiers in front of the fortress fighting against the last man. lets say 4 die, then there are again 4 fighting and one is in front of the fortress but if the one in building defending soldier dies, the fortress is lost very fast. But if you have luck and maybe 3 soldiers come back, then there are 6 missing which will be called from a storehouse.

enemy has 50% defenders => 8 run out to defend, 5 stay. now there are (13-4) 9 soldiers in front of the fortress fighting against the last 5 soldiers. lets say 2 die, then there are again 2 vs 2 fighting, and still (9-2) 7 soldiers against 5 in the fortress. Because you send 4 defenders, 4 soldiers will be called to defend the building (inside) therefore now are 6 soldiers vs 5 left in front of the building, but 4 are reoccupying => 6 vs 9 again, now you will not lose the building.

enemy has 0% defenders => 0 run out to defend, 9 stay. now there are 13 vs 9 soldiers in front of the fortress fighting against the 9. you will lose the building because there wont come new soldiers.

The problem was, that you could set 0% defenders and build a storehouse full with generals next to the fortress => was occupyied until you had 0 soldiers. Meant at the end you could just do [yourgenerals]-[enemygenerals] = if - you lose, if + you win.

kind of boring.


Spooky am 21.01.2012 12:41 #9252

Hm, no I still do not get it. If you set it to 0% when using the third option, when will reinforcments come to the fortress? I mean they have to go there eventually. I don't understand the difference in behavior between 100% and 0%.

Also what does the second option do? I mean yeah, it removes the bar, but what will the actual behavior be?

Parasit am 21.01.2012 12:44 #9253

das ist das dööfste addon überhaupt meiner meinung nach,
benutzt eh keiner außer Spike... ^^

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Spike am 21.01.2012 15:05 #9256

Im Ruhestand
0% => 0 soldiers reoccupy the building during a fight, is the fight over, the fortres will call soldiers.
100% => endless soldiers will reoccupy the building during a fight.
50% => 50% will reoccupy the building during a fight, the rest will be called when the fight is over.

if you use the 2nd option, the bar is removed and the standard number of defenders will defend (50%) and you will get endless soldiers.


Spooky am 21.01.2012 15:15 #9257

Ah ok I get it now. Although I don't understand how it would solve the problem (endless soldiers coming from an adjacent warehouse). Why would anyone choose 0% then?

Seems very arbitrary to me though. Wouldn't a better solution to the problem be that traveling Soldiers will also engage nearby standing enemies? (Isn't that how Settlers I did it?)

Editiert von Spooky am 21.01.2012 15:18

Spike am 21.01.2012 17:21 #9262

Im Ruhestand
right, but if you dont use the addon and set 0 then you cant take the fortress, therefore he needs to set maybe 100% but is possible to lose the building


Spooky am 21.01.2012 19:52 #9267

Now I'm confused again :D. I thought if you set your defense to 0% percent, it will be possible for the enemy to capture the military building, since no reinforcements will go there. But who would ever set it to 0%?

Spike am 21.01.2012 20:51 #9269

Im Ruhestand
well sure, if you set 0% defenders, there wont come any soldiers to the fortress during the fight, 100% defenders mean, you will get reinforcements until you have no soldiers left.

If you dont understand it, ask me in the irc channel :D


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