Spooky am 24.01.2012 15:13 #9316

Just wanted to say, that is a horrible choice for a file hoster. Lots of clicks, two wait times, even a Captcha. I'd strongly recommend to either use RapidShare or the Public folder of a Dropbox account (however, with Dropbox, total traffic for public downloads is an issue, but you are unlikely to reach the limit with just this editor).

Editiert von Spooky am 24.01.2012 15:13

Thorpheus am 24.01.2012 15:57 #9317

Lemme help you out in this! :D

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Xaser am 24.01.2012 16:57 #9321

The last time i used rapidshare they had the condition that your free uploaded files can be only downloaded 10 times. Did they changed this?

Thorpheus am 24.01.2012 17:23 #9328

Yeah, long time ago I think... but there are more hosting sites here are some:

Writer for Got a tip? e-mail us! Also a major Settlers 2 Fan!

Xaser am 24.01.2012 17:29 #9329

I know a few of this. What about the captcha's and wait times at this sites?

Spike am 24.01.2012 17:59 #9331

Im Ruhestand
I think rapidshare is great, they changed it. Had full download speed, 10 sec waiting time, no captcha => perfect.
but to upload you need to be registred.


Xaser am 24.01.2012 18:05 #9333

Ok, i will take a closer look at rapidshare the next time.

Spooky am 24.01.2012 20:03 #9338

Due to the Megaupload lawsuit, you can only download your own files currently on Fileserve (and others).

Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 04:16 #9354

Seriously!? jeez... Don't you guys have an ftp? something that could hold the files and won't make you deplete your upload/download?

Crap forgot, how bout you host it on a game file hosting? It should be able to work like

Also the team should consider having a look at this:

Writer for Got a tip? e-mail us! Also a major Settlers 2 Fan!

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Xaser am 26.01.2012 11:11 #9362

I think we should not overreact. I mean, it is possible to download this thing from netload without any problems. Sure, it's no ftp with a direct link but it is not that important.
I do the following: I will check the conditions of my own webspace. If file download is allowed i will upload the editor there with a direct link, that's the simpliest way.

Edit: Or i try to upload it to launchpad, i thought, that is possible.

Editiert von Xaser am 26.01.2012 11:12

Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 11:53 #9365

whatever works best Xaser! I'll support it 110% :D

Writer for Got a tip? e-mail us! Also a major Settlers 2 Fan!

Stef am 26.01.2012 12:15 #9366

Yes - you could offer Downloads via launchpad. Maybe it's necesarry to register a project.

Xaser am 26.01.2012 13:35 #9370

Yes i try it. The Editor belongs to the rttr-project at launchpad for several month. As far as i remember, FloSoft said, that there is a problem adding the s25edit binary to that project. Whatever, there is also my webspace, this should be no problem.

Xaser am 26.01.2012 13:44 #9371

Ok i uploaded the newest version to my webspace. I couldn't found any limitation for file uploading in the terms of contract from my webhoster. I hope he has the same opinion :-D.

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