Thorpheus am 28.01.2012 08:31 #9387

The Installer for the latest Rev i386 is here. If you guys want me to compile up and make these I'm up for it and if criticism.

File name: s25rttr_20120117-7780_windows.i386.exe File size: 4.92 MB

Installer adds:

- Shortcuts to Desktop, Start Menu Quickbar, Programs Menu
- Adds Update shortcut to Programs menu
- Ending the installation and having the option to:
    - Enter the website (useful if its redistributed)
    - Read the Readme file
    - Start the game
- No zip mess.
- Multi-language support
- Uninstall Protocol  

Things that can be added/taken:

- Terms of Agreement can be added.
- Background Installer can be taken away (The screenshot saying RttR
- Map Editor can be added.
- Reboot Windows option can be added to the end of the installation.
- Enforcing people to reboot, read the readme file, enter the website, play the game right after the installation can be added.

To ease up the process and to look like a bit more professional don't you guys think? And i'll try and make for Mac and Linux if possible.


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FloSoft am 28.01.2012 11:38 #9389

well, we're only creating (windows) installers on native (release) builds.

the other builds are auto generated on a cross compiler. (sure I could create a setup script for NSIS and run it via wine, but thats a bit ugly)


Spike am 28.01.2012 14:39 #9390

Im Ruhestand
Wouldn't it be possible to include an installer in every package which just copys the files?


Thorpheus am 28.01.2012 16:58 #9392

should be able too, a self extracting installer. I'll get right on it. Oh and hello Flosoft :waves:

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FloSoft am 29.01.2012 10:22 #9397

okay I've found out that nsis works also nativly on linux (to create windows installer's) - so if someone writes me a correct nsis installation script, I will add it to the build jobs (so it will also create a installer)

and for linux/macosx:


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Thorpheus am 29.01.2012 13:55 #9402

ok lemme check it out and ill get back to you on that

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Thorpheus am 29.01.2012 20:29 #9413

seen nsis and thought to myself: "I have no idea where to start or go" hahahahah xD

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