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The Story so Far:
The gods were angry, not only did all the tribesmen are losing faith in them completely, they are also subject of mockery. Thor, Jupiter, Shango and Benzai decided once and for all to teach them a lesson.

Soon, the earth plummeted into chaos with villages being swollen by the sea and volcanic magma, forests were set ablaze with thunder and fields dried within a moments notice. Women couldn't bare children and general populace was either sick or dying.

The priests, who understood that this was their punishment for not being faithful to the gods, who they solemnly promised to worship, urged the chieftains and leaders of the tribes to take action and spill blood in their gods name. Whoever spilled the most, would earn the favor of the gods and those who lost would be deemed as forsaken forever to roam the barren lands in search of a dream long lost.

The first match is set, who will thrive and who will be banished? The gods are watching and they demand their rightful tribute!

Tournament Layout!

Round 1:
Tombus VS Faris - WINNER: TOMBUS (Proof)
PR90 VS Darter - PR90 Challenged Darter (Still no reply from Darter)
Rauschbart VS DarkHunter - DarkHunter Challenged Rauschbart (Still no reply from Rauschbart)
Qtman VS KGB91 - No reply for anyone.

Map Download

Server Settings
Round 1 - Settlers 2 Original Settings
Round 2 - ???
Round 3 - ???
Round 4 - ???

You can also check it here: Addict3d RttR Tournament Forum Information

Don't forget these important informations:
[>>>IMPORTANT<<<] - There are two groups that are higher in the tournament rounds, this was due to the lack of people to fill the slots (if you haven't got that already) that were needed for a match to start. So for those who are higher in the little schematic we made, you only play for real on round 2! (sorry bout that, your still free to download and play the game)
- You can set up the match with your opponent (until 19th of February) and play until the 23th of February, fail to show results until the date will result in disqualification.
- After the date has been set, please post it here so we can keep track of your progress.
- Send Replay and Screenshot to for verification of win.
- The winner must post a screenshot with his victory (either opponent is defeated or statistical information.
- Fair play is mandatory!
- Have fun!

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Round 1 Tournament Reviews, Critics, Opinions and Solutions:

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Spooky am 18.02.2012 00:50 #9577

Wait, so I have to wait until Round 2 officially starts? Or can I already play the match with my opponent in Round 2?

Thorpheus am 18.02.2012 01:37 #9578

Since the ideal number for the tournament would be 16 (I can't recall exactly but I think that was the number) there were some people who needed to pass to round 2.

The Matchmaking process was at random so we're sorry you had the shortest straw... but take heart as you'll be in the quarter finals!

Also you can download the round 1 map and try it out with your future opponent to see what you would be expecting.

For any ideas or constructive criticism check out the link I posted above so we can solve these kind of ordeals in the future if it happens again! You need to register though

Once again sorry Spooky :(

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Spooky am 18.02.2012 09:13 #9579

No it's fine, just wanted clarify that ;)

Tombus am 18.02.2012 21:48 #9585

Match: Tombus vs Faris
Winner: Tombus
Details: After destroying the enemy headquarter said he has no chance. After crash the lobby he surrendered.

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Tombus am 18.02.2012 21:56 #9586

Please delete this post.

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Thorpheus am 19.02.2012 00:41 #9587

Tombus can you host your image somewhere else it gives a 403 ERROR

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Spike am 21.02.2012 19:22 #9596

Im Ruhestand
To all who recived a message but who are already in round 2 - sorry, just ignore that!


Still missing Matches:

Rauschbart vs Darkhunter (as far as I know rausbart does not respond)
Dater vs Pr90 (as far as I know Darter does not respond)
Qtman vs KGB91 (still missing information)


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Thorpheus am 23.02.2012 03:44 #9606

Don't forget, today is the last day for the match, those 3 matches need to be done or the people who are not responding will be disqualified.

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PR90 am 23.02.2012 18:24 #9609

There is still no responding from Dater...

Siedlersüchtig seit 1999 ^^

Thorpheus am 23.02.2012 23:28 #9611

PR90, don't worry, the one who gets disqualified is Darter and you pass to the next section and the same will happen with the other people who are in the same situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for everyone who joins in, and since this is a newly tournament people won't be arsed enough to stick with the game itself.

Anyway I ask all of you to review the map, review the rules and discuss them so we can improve them further. You know where!


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Feel free to post in English!

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