~Sintho am 22.02.2012 15:23 #9597


hab vor Ewigkeiten 2 Maps erstellt, die euch möglicherweise gefallen könnten.
Da ich meistens mit unlimited ressouces spiele, könnte es sein, dass diese nicht optimal gebalanced sind. Lässt sich ja noch ändern.
Nicht von den unpassenden Namen irritieren lassen, hatte keine Lust sie zu ändern :p
4 Spieler
6 Spieler, bei einer der Versionen sind noch keine Hafenplätze (hab leider den alten Editor verschlampt und kanns gerade nicht nachschauen :))

War ziemlich aufwändig das mit dem alten Editor zu erstellen, hoffe jemand kann die maps gebrauchen.


Parasit am 22.02.2012 16:29 #9598

naja balanced sind die sowieso nicht, da sie zu unregelmäßig sind ;)

könnte aber ein paar mehr Höhen vertragen, sieht ziemlich flach aus bei den gebirgen oder?

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~BubbleMaster am 03.04.2012 11:20 #9756

i'm no german, so i'm sorry i post here in english. tried the maps and they are looking really cool ;))) the maps of the repository are mostly looking really crappy in my opinion, maybe it should be cleaned up and take those maps in it. LOVE the way the landscape is designed here!!!

didn't have much time to play, so i cannot say if they are really balanced (honestly they do not look like that), buttt looks really cool!!! Keep up the great work!

Spike am 03.04.2012 15:39 #9758

Im Ruhestand
Well i will have a Look at them,just intrested how they look - we should Not only Add Balanced Maps but such for

Im Dschungel:
Can be used in MP? I think particular, position 3 and 4 have bad positions because their longer way to the gold deposits.

++nice desing
+used objects
+placed animals
+/- used hights, but the normal land is very flat
- position 3 and 4 are not placed well.

Also this map could have some ships, dont you agree?

Can be used in MP? I think yes, its not very fair but the sizes could fix that maybe

++nice desing
+used objects
+placed animals
- used hights, but the normal land is very flat
- position 1 and 6 are not placed very good, they are too far away from everything.
- position 5 is far away from 4 compared with the distance to 6

But, I think both maps could be added


Editiert von Spike am 07.04.2012 13:34

~Sintho am 07.04.2012 20:29 #9793

Well im glad you like the design, thats the only thing i rly cared about when i was creating the maps :))

Kept the normal land flat in order to allow lvl3-buildings everywhere so i can maaaaaaaaaasss farms! Didnt know that some ppl like to play professional hehe :D I guess thats hard to change now because of all the obejects.

Concerning the balance... well thats tricky cause i dont rly like symmetrical maps in this game. I actually intended to make the dschungle map (stupid name, its supposed to be a desert!) a little better for a 1-2hour game with limited gold and fair ressources. Didnt work out that well... prefered chaotic design after a while :))

Ill have a look at the 4player map, maybe i can change something.

Feel free to make it more balanced on your own, if you want to use it for player vs player!


Spike am 08.04.2012 12:19 #9802

Im Ruhestand
Happy that you Not disliked my review :)
I Hope that you maybe could change These Maps a Bit - i will Not because i dont like to change the Spirit somebody puts in
their Map.


~Sintho am 08.04.2012 18:44 #9805

Ill see what i can do, right now im working on a swamp map. Same design style, still not quite balanced :(
Were playing LAN usually vs computers, so balance doesnt rly matter for us.

Trying to fix some stuff concerning resources (amount and accessibility) and building space for the 4 player map meanwhile.
--> ill upload it asap

Spooky am 10.04.2012 08:44 #9808

Zitat von Sintho:
Kept the normal land flat in order to allow lvl3-buildings everywhere so i can maaaaaaaaaasss farms!

You do not need to make the land perfectly flat to allow lvl3 buildings everywhere. Slight height variations would make it look better.

~Sitnho am 10.04.2012 19:07 #9821

Hm just noticed, the mountains/hills look different in the editor compared to ingame hills.

Would be nice if that was changed in the new editor :)). Btw, can you already use the rttr-editor?

Spike am 10.04.2012 19:31 #9823

Im Ruhestand
yep, the RttR shadows are wrong, our new editor has an experimental option but none of them are looking like in the other programm :D


~Sintho am 11.04.2012 16:48 #9833

Baa then i have to try out real hills :))

~Sintho am 17.09.2012 18:43 #10603

Hi guys, just uploaded another map i recently finished.

Its a 7 player harbour map with one main island and some starting islands for all players. I mainly focused on design again and didnt
waste a lot of thoughts on balancing. But its a large map, it shouldnt be very important anyway... Player 2 has far too few land for
farming in comparison to the rest... use this position for a more challanging match :p

Also tried to create the landscape to fit to each race and played around with all the textures and objects available (would be so cool
if it was possible to add those ruins and other stuff from the singleplayer missions!!!).

There are no animals on the big island at the start, but they're gonna be there until you landed :)

Heres the link, hope you enjoy:

Thx 4 feedback

PS: The map isnt very enjoyable yet, theres a bug that some buildings (mainly sawmills, backery, brewery and pigfarms) wont get
resources once you landed on another island and built up an economy there. And ships wont transport a lot of stuff at the same time,
which can be very annoying. Youll have to delete the roads to the habour to make your economy work again, which basically means to
seperate your islands completely.

~Sintho am 17.09.2012 18:59 #10604

Oh and the bots dont do very well. I guess i messed up with all those trees. They often wont build military buildings until they cut
them. :)

Just tested the map again and one of 6 bots didnt built a habour, another one didnt build a sawmill, so there were only 4 bots left
playing. Not sure if they will be hard to kill if they dont transport all their soldiers to the main island :D

~Gast am 12.10.2012 18:37 #10740

the ai doesn't play that well 'cause it's a sea map. However, the design looks even
better than the one of your previous maps (and I really enjoyed the other maps in
singleplayer!). I like the idea of speperate islands and finally meet in the huge
middle lands. only the snow on the mountains upstairs looks a bit disturbing - but all
in all 10/10 points!.

Vesanus am 13.10.2012 10:22 #10743

Got to check it out :)

Spike am 27.10.2012 18:53 #10793

Im Ruhestand
Wow, this map looks really awesome - add some animals and it would be a perfect map!


Sintho am 27.10.2012 20:23 #10794

Good to hear, that you like the map. I updated it a few times, going to upload the latest version in a sec.

There should be animals on the starting islands, as soon as you reach the main island there will be plenty of them as well.

Latest version:

Version with starting positions on the main islands:
Bots are quite a challange here :) and you can still reaach the islands.

Editiert von Sintho am 27.10.2012 20:25

Spike am 27.10.2012 22:06 #10796

Im Ruhestand
I think we should include this map :)


LordVader am 28.10.2012 11:45 #10797

Indeed. Played the map yesterday with one AI ally and 5 opponents (unexhausted mines) and they performed really well - even on the center island (using harbours/ships). Just the crashes from time to time remind me on the old settlers game :-D (a dos-window with red font appeared).

Spike am 24.11.2012 13:11 #10840

CroCoDiLe am 17.03.2022 14:16 #15939

The link of the maps has expired, would it please be possible to share a new download link?
Many thanks

Spike am 17.03.2022 16:56 #15942

Im Ruhestand
Migratio is part of rttr - simply use rttr or if you only like the map, download it from the maps repo


Feel free to post in English!

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