Spike am 24.03.2012 15:35 #9713

Im Ruhestand
This little .bat allows you to download 3 demo/patch files from the blue byte ftp servers, after extracting and renaming some
files you got a DATA and GFX folder which allow you to play RttR (No original version needed)

This one should work for linux (not tested)


Editiert von Spike am 27.03.2012 22:27

Parasit am 24.03.2012 22:24 #9714

thats very nice! :)

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Spooky am 25.03.2012 00:54 #9715

I thought legally, you need to own a copy of Settlers II, otherwise the Mod is "illegal".

Editiert von Spooky am 25.03.2012 00:54

Spike am 25.03.2012 01:14 #9716

Im Ruhestand
That was the point - but you can download all files this downloader downloads legally and after renaming some you can play RttR => its not illegal.

The mod is legal anyway - but you are not able to play without settlers 2 gold, downloading this would be illegal but not to download demo/patch files ;)


Pechente am 25.03.2012 13:32 #9717

Wow, you should include this in the official releases!

Spike am 25.03.2012 14:38 #9718

Im Ruhestand
Already send a PM to flosoft - nastx also has a script for linux I think.


NastX am 25.03.2012 17:21 #9720

Woops forgot the script^^ It should work with linux already, but i need to find it again xD

>> Du programmierst doch auch Perl, wie wärs denn mit einem
>> Verbesserungsvorschlag (kürzer, speicherschonender, gleiche
>> Funktionalität, ...)?

Kein Perl.

Spike am 25.03.2012 23:29 #9722

Im Ruhestand
yeah nastx, I made it to fix your script :D


jh am 26.03.2012 13:32 #9723

Zitat von Pechente:

Wow, you should include this in the official releases!

I don't think that we should include this in an official release. It may seem as it is legal but in fact we have no idea about the rules & regulations.

Let it be a standalone project.

Spike am 26.03.2012 15:14 #9724

Im Ruhestand
Well,One teammember said somewhen that this would be legal - lets wait for flosoft


jh am 27.03.2012 23:49 #9725

We do not have lawyers. Ubisoft does. ;)

Spike am 28.03.2012 00:15 #9726

Im Ruhestand
Hasn't flosoft one?

linux script at first page.


Editiert von Spike am 28.03.2012 00:16

~Matthias am 01.04.2012 11:55 #9744 hat neben einem CD-Image-Extraktor einen integrierten Downloader für die Freeware-Daten von Command & Conquer Tiberiumkonflikt und Alarmstufe Rot, der beim ersten Spielstart aufpoppt. Sie hosten die Dateien sogar selber.

Da ich selber Die Siedler II ohne Goldedition besitze habe ich keinerlei Skrupel euer Skript zu verwenden.

Spike am 01.04.2012 15:00 #9746

Im Ruhestand
Nur, dass die nicht an ubisoft hängen denke ich ;)


Pechente am 01.04.2012 15:07 #9748

Kann das Script bitte wer für OS X anpassen? Hab schon selbst mein Glück versucht, allerdings funktioniert curl anders als wget nachdem ich
dann noch etwas versucht hab zu ändern erhalte ich am Schluss immer noch ein "cp: DATA/MISSIONS is a directory (not copied)". Allerdings
kenne ich im Terminal auch nicht besonders gut aus ;)

Das hab ich bisher


# Get the Stuff

function main () {

  echo $TARGET
  mkdir $TARGET
  cd /tmp
  mkdir demo
  cd demo
  curl -O
  unzip s2demo.exe
  rm -rf s2demo.exe SAVE *.INI *.EXE *.TXT *.SCR *.BAT DRIVERS

  mv * $TARGET

  curl -O
  unzip s2up151.exe
  cp -r DATA/MBOB        $TARGET/DATA/
  rm -rf *

  curl -O
  unzip s2gold.exe

  cp -r GFX/PICS        $TARGET/GFX/
  cp -r DATA/MBOB       $TARGET/DATA/
  cp    DATA/MIS*       $TARGET/DATA/
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/africa.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/austra.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/europe.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/green.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/japan.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/namerica.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/nasia.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/samerica.lbm
  cp INSTALL.LBM MISSION/sasia.lbm
  rm -rf /tmp/demo

main $1

Spike am 07.04.2012 13:17 #9791

Im Ruhestand

Well, I fixed now a bug which caused, that you couldn't play winter/wasteland maps - It should work but it was very strange because I encountered some "Crash-to-Desktop" but after restarting the game I could run the map... strange because I had no error message in the cmd window. Maybe someone could continue testing.


Somebody wrote a lot in launchpad, but I have no linux and no knowledge about that os, so I hope somebody could confirm everything he wrote, I will upload the .sh script if somebody gives me one or he uploads it by himself.


Matthias am 07.04.2012 15:36 #9792

Ich würde einfach Das DATA/MISSIONS ausgelassen wird ist glaube ich Absicht, weil es nur um die MIS*BOBS.LST Dateien geht.

Pechente am 08.04.2012 02:47 #9797

Naja das wäre aber keine Möglichkeit falls der Code irgendwann im Spiel landet. Man kann ja nicht alle auffordern wget zu installieren ;D Wenn
die Meldung mit DATA/MISSIONS richtig ist, scheint das Script aber schon wunderbar zu laufen :)

Matthias am 08.04.2012 11:01 #9799

Eine aktualisierte Fassung des Bash-Scripts für Linux findest du unter Dann sollte auch das Winterszenario funktionieren. Wie gesagt es gibt am Anfang nicht reproduzierbare Abstürze und danach klappt es merkwürderweise.

Editiert von Matthias am 08.04.2012 11:07

~Matthias am 17.09.2012 14:21 #10600

I packaged this into an RPM at which triggers the script automagically. This seems to be legal enough for openSUSE. This is how proprietary content is usually installed, see for example.

Matthias am 17.09.2012 15:25 #10601

To me it seems to be not strictly illegal, but if Ubisoft finds out they might simply remove the demos and patches from BlueByte FTP. Maybe some EULA also forbid this in countries were those EULAs are valid (in Germany they seem to violate customer rights). As an alternative you might want to link which is DRM free, but it only comes with a Windows installer afaik.

Merri am 17.09.2012 15:58 #10602

I'd say the best thing to do is to keep this just community knowledge and not make it any way official. Over a longer period of time I think it would still be for the best to create similar 8-bit replacement graphics, sounds and music for everything in the game just like people have done with OpenTTD.

Settlers admin

Spike am 17.09.2012 21:11 #10605

Im Ruhestand
Well, these are just demos - and only some files load, you could this by yourself and you wont have any problems with the question if its lega or not


Pechente am 17.09.2012 21:13 #10606

Zitat von Merri:
Over a longer period of time I think it would still be for the best to create similar 8-bit replacement graphics, sounds and music for
everything in the game just like people have done with OpenTTD.

+1 !!! I mentioned this idea earlier but people didn't seem to like it. It's sad I'm not that great creating 8-Bit graphics. If I was, I'd immediately help by
working on this concept.

Matthias am 17.09.2012 22:22 #10607

That would of course be the most elegant solution. As you are already working on new buildings which look very nice and I also saw a terrain replacement which was high-quality (even superior to the default ones) this seems doable. However animating all those little settlers might be time-consuming. For I recently translated a tutorial on how to convert 3D models of infantry to sprites. Don't know if this is helpful for you.

Editiert von Matthias am 17.09.2012 22:23

Parasit am 17.09.2012 22:49 #10608

its definitely not illegal and im not a fan of replacement graphics, because i like the original graphics to much and i dont want something like widelands ^^

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Spike am 18.09.2012 00:01 #10609

Im Ruhestand
Yep I Want additional graphics which could be loaded as default graphics but not to replace all old graphics, I never would support that!


Merri am 18.09.2012 08:27 #10610

So, with that logic I shall enter the troll mode: the new Babylonian graphics look just like Widelands!!!11!1!111

Now. Then. You can keep the support for using original graphics, nothing takes that away, but eventually to make it easier for new people and to gain more popularity by far easier installation process it is a huge must to have replacement graphics. There is no way around this fact. RttR is cumbersome to install right now, the Windows installer that is easily obtained off this site's download page is still in German and if it tells me to copy Settlers II files to it's installation location... I can't read that. I don't know how many people try out RttR and remove it immediately simply because they can't get it working.

And then people wonder why RttR doesn't take off and Widelands, despite graphical look that is much worse, is so popular in comparison! It is so much easier to grab and get into Widelands, and it does offer the experience that matters. For many people that is enough.

I am, and I'm going to be hard with this opinion. RttR will never succeed if the project wants to serve only the old fans who already have Settlers II. RttR also has to appeal new fans, new players, and the only way to pave that road is to make it as easy as possible to get the game working. RttR can't provide original graphics due to Ubisoft's legal dictation so the only way around that is a lot of original work.

Widelands is a project inspired by The Settlers II.

Return to the Roots is the spiritual continuation of The Settlers II.

But lets make RttR stand on it's own credits, and not only on the original game's fame.

Settlers admin

Spooky am 18.09.2012 12:34 #10611

I agree that something needs to be done to make things easier, especially for non-german speakers.

People really play Widelands? That game looks so awful :D.

Matthias am 18.09.2012 12:36 #10612

Most game engine recreations just pop up a message where to place the game files. does this in a very user-friendly way by showing a dialog that will rip the original CDs automatically or offer a download of a stripped down version. The old Command & Conquer titles are now Freeware. answer the "Is that legal?" with "maybe". They say they will remove the content immediately when EA urges them to and they keep it strictly non-commercial (no money donations allowed).

Spike am 18.09.2012 14:26 #10613

Im Ruhestand
So, with that logic I shall enter the troll mode: the new Babylonian graphics look just like Widelands!

Maybe not like Widelands but not as good as the original graphics.

I'm also not saying that we shouldn't create own graphics to replace old grapics - they all work the same way, means If we have a new race, we can replace all other because they are the same. The only point that I got is, that we should never exclude the usage of old graphics. This only means, that if you have the graphics they should be still used instead of our new graphics - then the game could run without original graphics and look like widelands or you can use the original graphics.

But this is not a permanent replacement it's just default.


Matthias am 18.09.2012 14:32 #10614

I have to counter that. When browsing through I have the feeling that you immitate the drawing style of the original quite well for the babylons.

Merri am 18.09.2012 15:37 #10615


Or whichever domain of the half a dozen different ones you use (this is another issue I'd like to see fixed!)

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 18.09.2012 15:37

Parasit am 18.09.2012 16:00 #10618

Zitat von Merri:

So, with that logic I shall enter the troll mode: the new Babylonian graphics look just like Widelands!!!11!1!111

it's really trolling :D nothing looks like wideland graphics here...
their graphics dont fit together in my opinion, because they have to much artists who can't agree on a specific style :S

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Merri am 18.09.2012 16:06 #10619

I wrote that line to prove my point: replacement graphics wouldn't be anything like Widelands.

Settlers admin

Matthias am 18.09.2012 16:53 #10620

I think OpenTTD still has support for the original graphics. You can just choose to replace them with if you like.

Another game also works with demo files, but tells you that some graphics are missing and features are therefor limited.

Matthias am 18.09.2012 17:16 #10621

To get back to the topic. The demo loader is not fully complete

Some files in Data/Textures are missing for me. I only have GOURAUD0.DAT while the settlers gold edition comes with



These seem to be required for

Editiert von Matthias am 18.09.2012 17:22

jh am 18.09.2012 17:45 #10623

Maybe we can reuse one of these project's tools to copy the data from a CD to the RTTR directory?

Merri am 18.09.2012 17:47 #10624

It is open source baby!

Settlers admin

Matthias am 18.09.2012 17:55 #10625

By the way you are already hosting which is not very consequent if you want to value BlueByte's copyright at all costs or is this a free replacement like OpenMSX for Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe?

Editiert von Matthias am 18.09.2012 17:56

Merri am 18.09.2012 18:03 #10626

Nope, those are original MIDI compositions converted to OGG, however, by using a buggy interpreter. They don't sound as they're intended, like song 8 sounds first OK but at around 45 seconds it starts breaking your ears.

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 18.09.2012 18:45

Spike am 18.09.2012 18:35 #10627

Im Ruhestand
To get back to the topic. The demo loader is not fully complete

I made the loade for RttR not for the editor - never tryed that one.


Jaskon am 19.09.2012 18:47 #10629

may be, time come to refresh actual stabile version up from 0.7.2?

Spooky am 20.09.2012 10:32 #10630

I think they are currently working intensely on getting a somewhat stable version again :).

~Gast am 20.09.2012 11:21 #10631

I love that everyday there is an update :>

Parasit am 20.09.2012 15:19 #10632

hmm wrong topic? :S

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Spooky am 20.09.2012 17:53 #10634

Zitat von Parasit:

hmm wrong topic? :S

The Demoloader would be there to make things easier. One step to making things easier in general is also getting a new stable version ready.

Feel free to post in English!

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