Dzoffmann am 04.04.2012 21:11 #9766

Hello to everyone :)

I was wondering why all the games i see is full and just stays that way for a long time? is anyone online still?


Parasit am 04.04.2012 22:54 #9767

hello Dzoffmann,

welcome to rttr! ;)

there are players in the games. for example i played with 2 others until now. most players are playing in the evening, so then you see the most games. if you want to play with somebody, you can join to our chatroom (irc channel) and ask for a game. ;)
maybe some games you see are ghost-games (games are still in lobby after finish them or crashing games, i dont know, they will be automaticly deleted on midnight)

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Spike am 05.04.2012 00:01 #9769

Im Ruhestand
Yes but you cant see games which use an other version (for example with the latest nightly, you cant see games hosted with the stable) which creates the feeling of an empty lobby :-/

And like parasit said, join IRC and just ask for games :)


Dzoffmann am 06.04.2012 02:50 #9776

How do i join Irc? If its the chat on this website i get error when i try to open :s

btw i sometimes crash in online game, since i dont wanna get hated for "leaving" games as i really wanna stick with this community since settlers 2 is one of my fav games, anyway to fix?


Stef am 06.04.2012 08:59 #9778

You need a java plugin for accessing the web irc.
Otherwise you can download an irc client and connect with:
Channel: #siedler2.5

You can report crashes by uploading the replays into the bugtracker (you can find it on the left menu). Hopefully someone can fix it then.

Dzoffmann am 06.04.2012 20:00 #9787

What java is that? :)

Stef am 06.04.2012 21:14 #9788

You can find it on the download section of
It's a plugin for your browser to display java applets.

K4T am 06.04.2012 21:43 #9789

Or use it: - it is a freenode WEB irc client. Type your nick, channel
name (siedler2.5), fill captcha and connect to us.

Feel free to post in English!

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