~Gast am 08.04.2012 00:10 #9794

how do i attack a harbor on another island?? i go to the harbor attack option and it says
attack not possible even though i have troops in my harbors. do i need to load troops
into a ship? how do i do that

Spike am 08.04.2012 00:21 #9795

Im Ruhestand
You dont need troops in your harbour, you need troops in a military building close to your harbour buildings (the have an anchor at their flag) - also check your military settings.


~Gast am 08.04.2012 00:32 #9796


~Gast am 08.04.2012 21:33 #9806

i believe i have encountered a glitch. after attacking a foreign harbor, the troops
return to my harbor, and they stay there and never return to their military garrison,
even clicking to remove the 'goods' from the 'warehouse' does not cause them to leave or
even go to another warehouse.

Spike am 09.04.2012 02:36 #9807

Im Ruhestand
Well, that could happen, then you should report that bug.


~LT am 04.02.2016 13:53 #14019

Habe gesehen das die AI vom schiff aus mein Hafengebäude angreifen kann, aber wie kann ich das? Welche Einstellungen muss ich machen und wie mache ich dann einen Angriff vom Schiff aus?

Spike am 05.02.2016 11:59 #14020

Im Ruhestand
Die AI (sollte) kann das nur, wenn du das in den Addons eingestellt hast.

Der Rest ist im Wiki erklärt:


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