Fitzz am 17.04.2012 18:35 #9884


I am new here, so don't be cruel.

I just recently found this game and figure out that it is almost same as the original which I loved to play. There were however same annoying things that plagued my enjoyment of game as in original and that was the lack of enough micro tools that I wanted. I am not sure if I play the game right so please correct me!

My first playing issue is military. As we all know, you should train your military in fortress or tower. I don't allow coins to barrack or guardhouse, which means additional click to hit the button to stop coins flowing there. I also want to start training my soldier as soon as possible even before meeting any opponents. I just build castle and with military settings I set that each military base should be full. Coins will come only to castle. When all soldiers in castle are general, I will change the military settings so there are minimum amount of soldiers and right after that I will put them to full again, so castle would fill with privates so I could train them.

I keep doing this all over again, but if my kingdom is too large, there are not enough shoulders to fill castle because lots of soldiers fill the guardhouses. This is where I hope I would have some more control of where soldiers should go. I also don't like to adjust military settings all the time, and I don't like to block coin incoming in all guard house and barracks.

Metalworks is also one thing I'd rather micro. I think metalworks should produce primary those tools that are needed or somehow that I could alter how many additional tools should exist in my kingdom.

Now tell me if I am actually playing this game totally wrong? How do you train your soldiers? If I just leave all military settings default and don't block coins I just have generals in defense.

Spike am 17.04.2012 18:47 #9886

Im Ruhestand
Well, first of all, welcome :)

You don't play wrong, only not perfectly :)
Some points you should change:
a)Cut all roads for other, not in use (close to border) ore usefull military buildings
-this will stop your lack of soldiers - if not you need to produce more soldiers.
b) Do not upgrade all soldiers to general - only 4, put 3 out and stuff 3 new soldiers into the building
-hopefully you got a storehouse close to the fortress where you keep upgrading - only store recruits in that storehouse and allow no generals.
c)Only set 1 tool to 100% in your locksmith
-use the observation window and wait until the tool is finished and then change the settin for the next tool.
d)there is an addon which sets default no coins
-use this addon to have less clicking

We all discussed about addons which make this easyer :)


Fitzz am 17.04.2012 23:28 #9891

Thanks for the tips Spike! Especially the a) one. Never thought that!
That hint made Settlers two times better :)

Spike am 18.04.2012 06:52 #9892

Im Ruhestand
oh no problem - But my english was really bad,sorry for that ^^


Feel free to post in English!

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