Spike am 02.05.2012 12:04 #9947

Im Ruhestand
After a long time the last missing match was finally played and now can you prepare yourself for the final!

The players are Tombus and PR90.

New Layout:

New Map:
Filename: Map4.swd

Exploration: Fog of War
Speed: very fast
Goals: -
Goods at start: normal
AI debug window: -
Military strength: medium
defender behavior: -
change gold: -
statistics: disabled
custom build sequence: yes
Demolition for buildings: -
disable coins by default: yes
charburner: -
Inex. mines: -
catapults: 3
road enlargement: yes
race graphics: -
refund materials: -
refund if emer. prog.: -
max waterways: -
trade: -

"-" means that you should not change the original setting!

The Match can be played after the 25.5 because before that date has PR90 no time!

I also hope, that this map will work better than the one before - I think we tested that one and it is really hard.
Good luck for you two.


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Spike am 15.07.2012 18:27 #10127

PR90 am 15.07.2012 20:24 #10129

Tombus won the final game against me.
Congratulations :)

Siedlersüchtig seit 1999 ^^

Tombus am 15.07.2012 20:27 #10130

Thanks for a game and i hope take a part in next tournament and play against You;)

It's a proof:

Tombus am 15.07.2012 20:30 #10131

duble. please delete this post

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PR90 am 15.07.2012 20:53 #10132

Yes, but I hope it will be no sea map ^^
Or I train playing sea maps until the next tournament :)

Siedlersüchtig seit 1999 ^^

RM1985 am 15.07.2012 23:47 #10133


Kann man die Maps, die ihr im Turnier gespielt habt auch runterladen??
Hab bis jetzt nur die letzte Map downloaden können, bei den anderen war der Link nich mehr aktuell bzw. die Datei gelöscht worden.

Oder weiß einer wo man überhaupt noch neue Maps herkriegt???

Parasit am 16.07.2012 00:14 #10135

I didn't think that this tournament will be played once to an end. :D

@RM1985: Please write in english in english threads, otherwise the other user dont understand you ;) (ask Spikeone for the maps, think the download links are expired)

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RFM am 16.07.2012 07:00 #10136

Spike, You could upload the Maps on your Server ;)

RTTR auf YouTube: RTTR Channel  | Channel von Spike

Spike am 16.07.2012 11:05 #10139

Im Ruhestand
Yeah I can, 3 maps are already in the bug tracker but sure I can upload them on rfm - but not now.
Congratulation Tombus, I will change the tourney pictures soon that everybody knows you are the winner :)


RM1985 am 16.07.2012 12:12 #10141

so you want me to always write in english? Why? Most of the members are german, right? Or is it because this thread was about the tournament, where every member should be able to read it? Or do you mean in general?

do you have a link to those tournament-maps for me, plz?

PR90 am 16.07.2012 12:38 #10142

I can tell you, how I write.
My English isn't good, so I write
- German in German threads
- short text in English threads in English
- longs text in English threads in German, because it would me take a long time to write it in English, because I have to look in a dictionary for every second word ^^

Siedlersüchtig seit 1999 ^^

Spike am 16.07.2012 12:46 #10143

Im Ruhestand
Well the reason why here are only German people is because everything is in German. This is a Project for an Old Game
and in Germany arent a Lot of People Interested. Therefore we try to Write a Lot in english that People of other countrys
(poland,Norway etc.) are able to discuss with us.


Parasit am 16.07.2012 17:44 #10148

@RM1985: its only fair to write englisch in english started threads

you can't expect that everyone understands german here. it isn't so. ;)

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Tombus am 16.07.2012 21:02 #10151

thanks to you all. I hope it will be another tournament and it will take more players.

RM1985 am 20.07.2012 16:08 #10161


you said, that the tournament-maps are already uploaded on bugtracker, but where exactly? I cant find anything there, you got a link 4 me plz?
And how many different maps did you play on that tournament? Are they all available on bugtracker?? Or will you upload them on your Server?

Spike am 20.07.2012 17:42 #10163

RM1985 am 20.07.2012 23:07 #10165


What a significant 100th post  ;))

Spike am 30.07.2012 17:49 #10197

Im Ruhestand

It's never too late, right Tombus? ;)


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posix am 03.10.2012 13:54 #10678

Replay available anywhere? SpeedyShare link on page 1 is down.

Spike am 03.10.2012 16:30 #10682

Im Ruhestand
I don't think that they are still able to play anyway. They were played with nightly versions If I remember right.

Maybe we should do such a tournament again with more advertisment for the latest stable :)


posix am 04.10.2012 12:42 #10686

Yup, go for it. Obviously the community is small, but the new stable is a good reason for a new tournament. And we need replay backward compatibility please :)

Spike am 04.10.2012 14:12 #10690

Im Ruhestand
Yep, already talked with Maqs - I will need some time and then I will try to create a new tournament - other rules and hopefully with less disqualification :)

Backward compatibility is hard because some enums are changed or the original replay is async in a newer version.


Feel free to post in English!

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