The Team

here are all team members listed:

Name Rights Email address Contact Online
FloSoft Owner No
Stef Developers hidden No
OLiver Administrator No
jh Moderator hidden No
Marcus Moderator hidden No
NastX Moderator hidden No
Spike Operator hidden No
Xaser Operator hidden No

User rights in ascending order (least mighty on the top, most mighty on the bottom):

Name Description
Guests Here, all unregistered users are grouped together, they have no further rights
Users This is the normal user group for all registered users. Users in this group are allowed to write private messages, chat, have avatars and much more
Operators Operators have rights in single boards. So they can move, edit and delete posts there
Moderators Moderators are operators in all boards. So they can move, edit and delete posts in any boards
Administrators Administrators have full rights and access to the administrationpanel
Developers Developers have additional rights to access the GIT-server
Owner Is the owner of this portal, There can be only one!